Lucas Epp

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Postmates Shopify Integration

The Shopify Delivery integration from Postmates is a project that provides Shopify merchants with the ability to create a delivery over the Postmates API. The integration also enables Shopify merchants to add a 2-hour delivery option to their shipping options, which will display to the merchant's end customers alongside other provides like FedEx Next Day. The integration was created within the same monorepo as Square, which allowed us to leverage a lot of the same business logic.

Postmates Square Integration

The Square Delivery integration from Postmates is a project that provides Square sellers with the ability to create a delivery over the Postmates API. This allows any Square merchant to harnass the Postmates fleet to fulfill their own orders. The integration was created as the first app in a monorepo for our frontend clients and was completed within a quarter. The repo leverages Lerna, Webpack, and Yarn Workspaces to manage the monorepo structure and the Square integration leverages Go, React, and TypeScript to serve the app.


ChatterBox was built over the course of a weekend to practice working with websockets. The server was built using NodeJS with Express and it leverages Socket.IO, PostgreSQL and Docker. The frontend client leverages React, Bootstrap, and the Socket.IO client SDK.

FormSwift Tax Forms

At FormSwift, a large portion of our yearly revenue came during tax season. FormSwift's core product offering are online web forms that can be used to complete legal documents. During tax season, customers would use these forms to fill out their required forms for the IRS. We recognized that there was an opportunity to allow users to e-file their taxes from the FormSwift platform, so we enabled an e-filing product using the data we already had and a third-party e-filing API.

PagerDuty Service for Cloud Foundry

The PagerDuty Service for Cloud Foundry are a series of Cloud Foundry applications and service brokers that provide users with helpful tools to integrate their Cloud Foundry environment with PagerDuty. The service broker can be found on Pivotal Network.

PagerDuty Bluemix Integration

The PagerDuty - Bluemix integration connects PagerDuty to Bluemix using Bluemix's OpenWhisk service. The integration creates an OpenWhisk action that users of both platforms can execute to send incidents to the PagerDuty platform.

PagerDuty Account Info

This Python script exports a PagerDuty account's users, escalation policies, schedules, and teams as CSV files and it is currently being used in production by multiple Fortune 500 companies.

PagerDuty User De-Provision

Removing users from a PagerDuty account is a laboreous process that involves removing the user from all resources before removing the user from the account. PagerDuty User De-Provision automates the process by removing the user from all resources before requesting the user be fully removed from the account.


ScheduleDuty is a PyPi package that helps PagerDuty users import schedules from CSV files. A GUI for ScheduleDuty is available for users who are uncomfortable working on the command line.

Clear Blog

Clear Blog was built on top of Google App Engine to practice local user authentication and authorization. The blog is written using Python with Jinja2 as a templating engine for dynamic content.

NodeJS Binary Search Tree

This NodeJS module implements a binary search tree with a simple API and is available on npm.

Count to Pi

Count to Pi is a lightweight game built on the MEAN stack. Users input as many digits of pi as they can and, if they achieve a high score, they are prompted to enter their name and join the current leaderboard.

Contact Congress

Contact Congress was built over the course of one weekend for a hackathon. The application originally used jQuery for all DOM manipulation on the front-end but I later iterated upon this project by migrating to Angular 1.

Yelp Admin Tool

Yelp Admin Tool was built in one day due to an urgent business need. The tool was designed to be used by a large team with little technical expertise to pull large amounts of data from Yelp's public API.